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Leashless Times - September 2020

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

It’s been 3 months since the official launch of Boone Graphics Grover Beach. It is impressive how everyone is working together, our ability to integrate, to problem solve, and to excel at servicing our clients. It’s exciting to work on the new solutions for our clients, our expanded geographic footprint, and having new team members to brainstorm with.

And, it seems Monterey Bay Community Power agrees – as they are one of our newest accounts. Our ability to service an expanded geographic area, to develop creative solutions, and our proactive approach to make their projects more effective while maintaining their compliance needs motivated them to leave the printer they have been using since the creation of their company and sign-on with Boone Graphics.

When Covid-19 hit, our clients didn’t stop having problems, the problems just evolved. Our commitment to quality and ability to develop creative solutions for our clients and prospects will continue to drive our success.

Boone in the News

In the latest USPS PCC newsletter Boone's response to the pandemic, our effort to provide the community with face shields, and our donation of face shields to the post office will be featured. And, during a tour of the USPS Sierra District postal workers were featured wearing face shields provided by Boone Graphics.

As a result, we have front of line access to the USPS marketing department and may be called on to attend mail strategy meetings.

ISO Compliance

ISO Compliance:

Several members of Team Boone just finished our two full days of Internal Auditor training and soon we will begin our internal audit. We will have our annual surveillance audit will occur in mid-October. What does this mean? It's just checking to make sure that what we say we do, we do. How does this affect you? You may have a co-worker stop by and ask some questions about what you do and how you do it. Not to worry, it's not a test of you, it’s a test of the system.

In other audit news…

Our client LifeCell performed a desk audit. Clients holding certifications are often required per the terms of the certification to validate critical suppliers if there is a perceived risk. Such as Covid-19 closures. After passing the audit to their satisfaction, we received our first order from them in over 8 months.

County Environmental (Hazardous Waste)

Grover: We successfully completed our corrective actions stemming from this audit. Thank you to all of the Grover team for your help Our current waste barrels are within the acceptable accumulation timeframe

Goleta: We were contacted by an auditor for a site visit to reduce the reporting level of this location.

New Office Locations

Please be aware that a number of people have moved within the Goleta facility. Pre-Imaging, Graphic Design, Project Management, Mail, and some Business Development have moved spaces.


Hand Washing

  • Wear a mask whenever you are in the facility interacting with other staff members.

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds. It’s important to work the soap into a lather. You need the soap to break down the thin fatty layer protecting the COVID virus strain and kill the virus.

Hazardous Waste Clean Up

As a reminder, spill containment materials are stored by the safety board and are to be used to contain and clean up spills. The material may be disposed of in the hazardous waste barrels. Check the label on the outside of the barrel for which barrel to use.

Knives and Cuts

We work with knives, blades, and other sharp things.

  • Always close or cap a knife blade when not in use

  • Never “toss” someone a knife and always expect the blade to be sharp

  • In case of an emergency you can find sterile gloves, wound dressing and bandages in the doctor certified first aid stations

  • If administering first aid, be sure to wear gloves for your safety and the safety of the person you are assisting.

  • If the wound is bleeding, apply pressure for 10-15 minutes.

  • If the first bandage bleeds through you should place a new bandage on top of the first while maintaining pressure

  • Once the bleeding has stopped, use the cleanest liquid available to rinse the wound. At the safety station is a wash up station and/or saline rinse station

Seek immediate medical attention if:

  • The bleeding does not stop after 10-15 minutes of applying pressure

  • There is a loss of sensation around the wound area

  • If there is a loss of motor function

  • If the hurt employee loses consciousness or experiences chest pain, possible broken bones, burns, head or eye injury, is exhibiting slurred speak, or change in mental state

The closest medical center to each location is posted next to the Safety Board. This includes the name, phone number, address, hours, and map of how to get there.

Big Dog Award

This month the Big Dog Award is going to Scott Moore. Jamie, who selected Scott as this month’s recipient told us that “Scott has so much knowledge and is always willing to help everyone!” Congratulations Scott on your second time receiving the Big Dog Award!

It's required so might as well get it out of the way!

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